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We receive a lot of calls from customers saying that they don’t think that their HVAC system is working properly. Our highly skilled technicians will do an on-site comprehensive visit to educate you on your HVAC system. Some signs that your system may be failing include: less efficicency with air flow, inconsistent temperatures, loud whiny or grinding noises, foul smell, and of course the age of the system. On average a HVAC system has the life expectancy of 10 years. If your system is 10 years or older you should consider replacing your system or save up money to replace it in the future. 
We know that purchasing a new HVAC system maybe daunting to a home owner, however, a new HVAC system is a great investment (same as a car) and it will bring value to your home. You will be sticker shocked by the big box companies quotes of a new system but with Elevation Heating and A/C we offer efficient HVAC system installations at half of the pricing as some of the bigger box companies. “Turn-Key” quality remains our top priority and we pride ourselves on working for your 5-Star review.
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